Friday, March 02, 2012

Review and Swatches: Khojati Must be love Herbal Kajal in 5 shades

I got this as a gift from a friend in Mumbai when I wanted to know her “secret” behind colored kajal in waterline. I do not apply any colored liner on my waterline and I really would like to try some safe nice colors, but till I received these ones, I was not sure about the safety aspects. I guess this is not a new product for people from Mumbai or Delhi but this brand is not that common in South.
Product: Khojati Must Be love herbal kajals in shades Blue, Electric Blue, Green, Brown and Copper
Price: around 95, but she got some discounts and It was a gift J
Quantity and expiration date: 35gms and 3 years
What the packet says:
“Khojati Kohl Herbal Eye Pencil - Revitalize your eyes
Must Be Love Kohl Herbal Liner with pure Ghee and Almond Oil - Unani Product, Lead Free. Rich, dark and smudge-proof. A quality product from the house of Khojati. Khojati now takes inspiration from all those mothers who believe in doing the very best for their children. At Khojati, this legendary love of a mother has now given shape to a new product a uniquely soft and gentle Kohl Eye Liner.”
Available in 10 colours.
The ingredients listed behind the pack was mostly herbal and I was sold on the “cow’s ghee” part J
Packaging is very cheap looking with a golden metallic pencil with the kajal stick on the “point” part. I am not sure how strong the hold is but I felt that a good knock or strong application might break the point of the kajal pencil.
My experience
My friend asked me to use their either as an eyeshadow base or kajal on waterline. So I straight away went and did neither and applied it on my upper lash line and whoa, in an hour the entire color was smudged and I was a blue-eyed raccoon and not the cute variety either! L So the next time, I applied the brown on my waterline and the copper color as an eyeshadow base and the results were all that I wished for.
On the water line, it did not sting but had a pleasantly soothing effect. I did not experience any irritation after applying this and it stayed for around 2-3 hours. As an eye-shadow base it was decent enough, with a staying power of 2 hours max but then it was a bit too oily for my already oily skin so it the eye-shadow pigment I applied over this kinda clumped together and the effect was not that great. However if used with a powder eye-shadow this seemed to work better and provided a more even coverage for 3hours max. 
I would say that the best use for this is as a safe waterline colored kajal. I loved this one and I am planning to ask my friends to send this once this gets over but there is a lot of quantity and I don’t see this getting over very fast unless it breaks of at the edge!
Brown, Blue, Copper, Electric blue and green
Of the colors, I liked brown and green [its more of a sea green] the best. Electric blue and Blue was the same and copper is not very pigmented, more like a champagne color.
Will I buy again? This is not a staple product, more like a fun product for me. So yeah, may be if I get a chance, I will.

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