Friday, March 08, 2013

Review: Colorbar Eye shadow in shade Flirt

Once again I start with a disclaimer: I am not a fan of eye shadows...
Yes, I know -its absolutely stupid considering eyes are one feature that everyone can so beautifully play up... There is no excuse except that I am freakishly health conscious about anything to do with eyes...
I prefer to keep them clean, I try to minimize use of any eye product other than kajals..
I regularly throw out even unused mascaras if they so much as cross the 6month line..

So it is pretty unusual for me to use eye shadows except when the occasion demands it... I prefer to stick to safe colors like brown-gold-silver-khaki even when I am buying an eyeshadow. So I surprised myself when I got this brilliant blue shade from Colorbar , a brand which I like very much. When I got it, the price was around 250, now its 300, so buy from this range asap, cos Colorbar raises its prices very very fast!! :(
Check out the shades available at Medplusbeauty, they update their stocks pretty well.

Back to the product details: I like CB's silver packaging - a change from usual black. And it is packaged pretty well since you can easily see the color of eyeshadow. It has a good mirror if you bother enough to flip open the bottom lid. The only down part is the completely useless brushes they provide- is it that costly to add a nice brush with your product???? 

The color is a brilliant sea blue with beautiful shimmer.. words dont do justice to this, I hope the swatches will help. The pigmentation is just awesome - the swatches are from 1 swipe of the product, so be light with your application. The texture is soft and applies beautifully; no complaints there. No fall-outs and it doesn't need a primer- it stays easily for 3-4 hours [beyond which I usually never wear an eye product continuously, so dont know if it stays longer]  I only wish I'd gotten more colors of this range before I left India.

For eye shadow this pigmented, its easy to apply with your fingers by tapping slightly starting with your upper lash line area and going up. Do not take it beyond crease line, keep maximum pigmentation for the outer corners to give that cat eyed effect.

The only problem I face with this color is - it doesnt suit me! There, plain as I say :( which is really sad since it is very beautiful. This or most blue shades are for very light or dark skin tones - doesn't suit medium fair to fair skin tones. Blue has a way of showing up your skin color - on very fair skin, it gives that ethereal glow or summer glow based on the depth of application; on darker skin shades, it gives that exotic look which is what is intended with the shade; on medium skin tones, it is just blahhhhh... :( It just looks so out of place; I would be very happy if anyone can tell me a way to make this look good.

It doesnt give a wintery or summery just looks weird... For medium-fair to fair skin tones, go for dark olive greens and purple shades... unless you just wanna play with colors, in which case any colors would be great.. :) :)

Would I buy again? Not this shade, but from this range -definitely!! :)
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