Saturday, March 15, 2014

And then I got my Liebster...

Kristen Doyle, from, thank you dear for nominating me for a Liebster.. I am so honored..
 <sighs, smiles & hugs>  :) :)

These are the rules:
 ->You must link back to the person who nominated you.
-> You must state 11 facts about yourself.
-> You must answer the 11 questions given to you.
-> You must nominate 11 others,and set 11 questions for them to answer.
-> You can't nominate the person who nominated you.
-> You must tell the people you've nominated them,so they can take part!

11 Facts about me [dont start yawning yet :)]

1. I am proud of being an Aquarian, a Woman and a nice cook!

2. My dad, my mom and me share the same birth date :)

3. I can drink tea any time of the day..

4. I cant wear eyeshadows most of the time as they trigger my migraine.. :( :( :(

5. Some day, I want to go out wearing a Neon Green Lipstick

6.I am super duper scared of Spiders

7.I cry everytime I watch Titanic

8. I dont like Icecreams and Chocolates - I think I may be the only person to say that in this world

9. I have read Pride and Prejudice at least a 100 times.

10. My fave fruit is Watermelon but I don't like if it drips, so I cant usually eat that!

11. My fave color is Yellow.. I love the brightness and life in that color..

Whewwww...that was harder than I thought!

And these are the questions that Kristen set for me:

How often do you paint your nails?

Hmm, once in a week, sometimes twice a day.. depends on my mood.. :)

What is your favourite food?

If that means the one food I cant live without, thats a hot cup of Tea [Indian style]. Thats my wake me up, pick me up and glucose!!

If it was a rainy day and you were rugged up watching TV, what would you be watching?

Something funny and mood-lifting -may be a rom-com or may be an episode of Two and a Half Men :) I prefer to watch movies or sitcoms that relaxes me than what makes me think and strain.. gah!

What is your favourite day of the week any why?

That would be Thursday.. when I start planning my weekend and I can look forward to something special on Friday :)

Do you have any pets?

No.. :( but I love dogs.. will adopt one soon I hope!

If you could go to any holiday destination, where would you go?

Once upon a time, it was Provence in France.. now its the beach near my house in Kerala, India in September... That has to be the most relaxing place, there is something in watching the ocean & waves that soothes and calms.. :) However, wouldnt say No to a vacation in France or Austria though !

Do you prefer to be given flowers or chocolates?

Neither - I prefer to be given a Sephora Gift Card or a Paypal transfer for my online shopping :) :) [hubby, are you reading this?]

What is your favourite beauty product?

Lipstick...lip balm..lip gloss...lip liner... lip paint.. lip tint..Well, you get the idea!

Do you collect anything?

For now, I am trying hard to collect as many Red Lipsticks I can buy without breaking my bank!

What can't you live without? The city or the countryside?

I wish I could say countryside.. I love it... but the shopaholic in me screams Liar!!!

And I nominate these lovely dears for my Liebster:

1. Stylecupcake  @_Stylecupcake
2. Just Because Beauty @justbecozbeauty
3. Vibussha @beautyroomxox
4. Katherine Rose‏@viavioletdotcom
5. Sara‏@happysara89
6.Melissa B‏@Melissa_Bubbles
7. Alexasunshine83‏@Alexasunshine83
8. Kaileigh‏@kaileighr8
9.Carley Bonnett‏@carleybe24
10. Jessica Casillas‏@jesscasillasx
11. Euge ♥‏@eugeetcheverryv

And these are my questions for the lovely ladies:

1. If you could listen to only 1 song, which one would you pick?

2. What is your favorite lip color?

3. Cats or Dogs or snakes or..u get the idea

4. What is your deserted-island book or movie?

5. If you get to meet one celebrity, who would that be?

6. What is your favorite cuisine?

7. If you had to pick 1 skin care, 1 makeup and 1 hair care product from the best all over the world, what would you pick?

8. Of all the names in the world, what name do you like best? And if you have a why, tell us that also..

9. You get a genie and your 3 wishes are [at least the ones you can say in public are :)] ...

10. Do you ever dream of being a Disney princess? If so, who is your fav?

11. Your favorite makeup/skincare/haircare tip, the one that you may pass to your kids blah blah..

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