Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Auravedic Harmonising Hair Cleanser

I love herbal products, espl ones that has the magic tag ‘No Parabens’ .
So when I saw Auravedic on sale in 99labels.com, I checked the brand online and found some nice reviews.
Since  I can never have enough of soaps or hair cleansers, I got this along with a skin polish I had reviewed earlier

This is what is given on the website. I couldn’t find any reviews on this product specifically.
The product I received looks kinda different from the one shown in website, so I am guessing mine is a slightly off-dated item

Its comes in a plastic bottle, not very large in fact pretty small! Since its transparent enough, you can see the color and quantity.
I found the labeling simple and decent but not very attractive. A lil more on graphics side would have been appreciated!
My idea of a herbal product packaging is Freshline’s super cute one [check the Urban touch website for Freshline products]

The good part is that the ingredient list is given in detail and looks good. I am also hooked on the fact that this is a non-animal tested product.
I love the fresh feeling fragrance and feel that this cleanser has. My scalp feels very clean after washing with this.
The shampoo is a greenish medium thick liquid.

On the downside, the price 150/- is a bit high considering that for medium long hair like mine, a lot of product is required, which means this will hardly last me for 1month!!!!
But I guess to get that fresh feel on hair without added problems of paraben, paying 150 every 2 weeks sounds good..
Also couldn’t find any volumising effect as mentioned on the label..i wonder why companies make such tall claims!

Now the only problem is finding this online L or in stores… I don’t see this in stores and this item is not available online in Beaute Naturelle store.
Auravedic products can be bought here : Beauté Naturelle, an online shop for herbal products.

To buy or not? If you come across this and if you like paying 150INR for getting a fresh-feel wash for approx 2-3 weeks, you can buy this.. J
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