Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review and Swatches: Lotus Pure Colors Lipstick in shade Peach Creme 691

This is one of my favorite lipsticks, not cos of the color [which I dont care much for] but cos of the quality of the lipstick for the price. I have already reviewed the shade Orchid Kiss here

I love the classy packaging espl since I am no longer in my teens or anywhere near it [sigh!!!], I love that it is a non-animal-tested product and love that it has some nice herbal ingredients.

The only complaint I have regarding the packaging is that I wish it was a bit transparent to show the color.

The lip color is a beautiful brownish red shade. I honestly dont know why they have called it Peach Creme, may be cos it has slight orange undertones, but it is not peachy in shade! Peachy shades are bright and summery. I can say this leans more to a coral shade.

This is a nice shade for all skin tones except for medium fair gto wheatish skin tones. I would also suggest you avoid this shade if your skin tone is uneven, unless you are trying a full coverage makeup.

The shade is very pigmented and on my lips goes very dark-orangey brown. The true color-reddish brown- will be visible on non-pigmented lips I guess.

Overall  this is a nice to have shade in your kitty for a day outing and when you are in a mood for bold lips :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review and Swatches: Faces Canada Satin Matte lipstick in shade Auburn Brown 13

Actually this is not much of a review, more like a swatch gallery to help any viewers decide on buying.. :) I love Satin matte range and so does many who has tried them..

There is something about the lush feeling of the creamy matter lip color that spreads so sweetly over lips..almost sinful.. :D

Auburn Brown is a dark coffee brown matte shade, the kind of color that reminds you of the lip shades Rachel used to wear in Friends, my fav sit-com of all time..

The color spreads wonderfully and  for office wear, a single swipe is enough for 3-4 hours without eating...
This is an all time classic brown shade and ideal office wear color for fair and medium skinned beauties.

Faces cosmetics do not test on animals and they have a wonderful value-for-money range of cosmetics, so guess this is going to be a constant partnet in my stash....

Available online at: - 240 INR - 233INR

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review and Swatches: Lotus Herbals Seduction Botanicals Lip Gloss in shade Passion Fruit Splash

I have reviewed couple of shades of this nice product and I do like Lotus lip gloss, though I am more of a lipstick person. I dont actually use glosses that much, except for a nice out or party and then also with a very light hand.

I had a Love-Gloss phase in my late teens, but now I prefer lipsticks much more, so I have lost touch with glosses, dont have many. This is one of the few I have now.

I am now adventuring with lip colors, trying to move out of my comfort zone and see what colors will suit me. Hence this violet glitter gloss and I dont regret it actually.

I got this from and it is honestly not a site I really care to shop from. But this was on a good offer and I wanted to try violet shades.

I am actually in 2 minds about this.. At times I like how it looks on my lips, at times I feel like a clown.I think this looks good on pigmented lips, as this looks crazy when I try it on after exfoliating my lips.

This is a nice violet-purplish shade with blue tones and should ideally suit most skin tones. The glitter is okay and good for night wear.

I am not overly fond of this shade but this might go well with a light pink lipcolor underneath.

Check my other reviews on Lotus lip glosses here :Precious Peach, Winterberry Crush, Strawberry Punch

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Review: Konad Niju Masks - Green Tea, Brightening Essence and Age Defying Collagen

The main reason I check for reviews online is when I see a new product which I am not sure of and would like to know how much safe it is to invest in it. As a blogger[though erratic] I think it is my duty to provide my fellow Google-search-ers with information that will help them in selecting a product.
Now here is where I am going to help you save money with just a 1 liner summary – Do not buy these masks!

Why do I say so? Cos they do nothing, they just irritate my skin which is very resistant and tough [so guess what it will do for a sensitive skin], weird aroma, leaves skin feelin itchy & flaky and finally – this product actually darkened my skin a shade!!!!!!!

The last was totally unforgivable cos I used this on a trip with my husband and he was like “You should use more sun-screen and do some facial..have a care”. While I am no gori-gori-crazy girl, I do love my wheatish complexion and highly object to getting darkened in patches. I couldn’t believe the effect of a mask labeled “Brightening”!!!!

I got 3 of these- Brightening, age defying and Green Tea.. I used brightening and dint brighten at all.. I used green and thankfully no negative results but nothing positive.
So I cleaned the 3rd one and removed all the essence and now use it to soak in my DIY facial recipes..
I think overall Indian brands are better for skin care than the forin ones.. consider- they are made for skin and complexion much lighter to ours and they don’t take into consideration the climate or weather we have.. I guess I’ll stick to my ubtans and will buy any facial treatment products from a Desi brand…

Friday, May 04, 2012

Review and Swatches: Anna Andre Paris Makeup Kit 01

Let me introduce you to my latest must-have-makeup-love: the handy makeup kit from Anna Andre Paris. I got to know about Anna Andre brand through a review in IMBB and decided to try out the products based on the review.

I got this from [check the link] for INR 325. To be honest, it was a blind guess cos they had mentioned 2 sets- 01 and 02, and I couldnt basically find any shade information to select which one is better. This is one feature of the website which I hope they will rectify soon.

It comes in a nice black cover and the items and clearly mentioned [in case you mistake eye shadow for a lip gloss.. :) :)] and the ingredient lists are added at the back of the cover, which I concede is a real nice thing.

I do wonder why a french brand has english labels and details, I mean look at Bourjois, everything is french there! :) And Anna Andre seems more of a russian name so I wonder what a mix this brand is. However I like this so no more enquiries!

The kit is again designed the same way as the cover, matte plastic black casing and a nice flower label.

I am super impressed by the quality of the mirror, seriously even costlier brands go cheap in selecting a nice mirror but this one scores in that.

In the Left End set [pic above], the top 2 colors are lip cremes, I will call them Pink Glitter and Creamy Pinky Brown[my fav] based on color and texture. The bottom item is a shimmer rose eye shadow which I absolutely love.

In the pic above, in the Middle vertical set, the 2 top items are lip cremes again, both matte creams in shades Nude [topmost] followed by Chocolate brown. The last item is again a pretty bronze eye shadow.

The kit is completed by the standard goes-well-with-all-skin-shades type sheer pink blush [on the top most of the right end set] and a beige color face powder.

The brushes that came with them are mostly useless except for emergency use.

Swatches: Top set [L to R]- Face powder, Blush, Pinky Brown, Pink Glitter; Bottom set [L to R]- bronze shadow, rose shadow, chocolate brown lip color and nude lip cream

The face powder is so-so, I dont use it except for any emergency. The sheer pink blusher is good for day wear and wears pretty but lasts only for around 1-2hrs. The eyeshadows stay even without primer for around 1-2hrs.

I absolutely adore the shimmer rose eyeshadow, it is perfect for day wear and office wear, brightens up my eyes very nicely without going OTT. The bronze color, is again a so-so, I use it for night outs.

My absolute love are the lip creams except for the pink glitter one. The pinky brown shade is a very beautiful pink shade which suits most lip shades. The pink glitter one is good for night wear and parties, the chocolate brown is a good day/office wear shade and so is the nude color, its a real good nude color.

All in all, the kit is a handy makeup kit for day/office/party wear, it has a wonderful combination of colors. These are my regular combos:
Office: Shimmer rose eyeshadow+ Sheer blush [1 layer] + Nude lip cream
Night out: Shimmer rose+ Sheer blush [3 layers] + Pinky brown

Would I buy again? Of course I would.. :) I am waiting to see what is Kit 02...

Swatches: E.L.F Complete the look makeup palette eye shadows

I got this beautiful kit from US through Neha, sweet girl I met through IMBB. This is one of my best purchases from abroad and I love the shades here. It has blushers, lip glosses and eyeshadows and I am only swatching the eyeshadows here.

Some of the eyeshadows are really beautiful espl the blues and greens, the blacks not so much and I love the range of light and nude shades for daily wear..

The eyeshadows below are swatched without any primers and they kinda crease easily without primers, but when worn with a decent layer of primers [or even eye creams :)] it lasts for around 3-4 hours, which is good enough!

The blushes are the best part of this palette while the glosses are the ones you can totally avoid!
Thats a swatch fest for another post  :)

You can buy this in India from Jabong [though at a hefty price!] link

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Review and Swatches: Auravedic Pure Brightening Sun Block Lotion with SPF 30

I get sunburnt very easily and I am very very cautious about applying the sunscreen and since I stay in Tamil Nadu, I usually use a high SPF above 40. However when Auravedic send me this one, I was interested in trying this out cos of tempting words like Brightening and Whitening [a hang-up for us indians! :)] and the interesting ingredients [Tamarind, Amla and Mulberry] listed.

The back label [didnt come out clear, so removed, excuse the mobile pics, my camera is on fr repairs:( ] stated some nice things like "Against animal testing", a fully list of ingredients [no parabens] and usage instructions.

The packaging is plain plastic bottle but some how it conveys a simple 'hand-made' looking design which doesnt come off very cheap looking. However I wish they had a sleek bottle nozzle to avoid the lotion from over flowing into hand. A squeeze design would have been good.

The lotion is not very thick, spreads easily and evenly and absorbs pretty easily even in TN's humid & hot climate. I use this as a make-up base cream as I find it not too oily like other sunscreens [e.g. Neutrogena!!!] and this doesnt break me out also. It would be an exaggeration to say this gives a matte look, it doesnt! It gives more of a hydrated or moisturised look [check the pic of my wrist below]

I will conclude summarizing my experience:
I dont consider this as a replacement for my stronger sunscreens, I would always recommend an SPF 40+ if you are going out for shopping etc espl in our tropical climate. However this is a nice daily wear office-wear kinda cream which you can use as a normal face cream before your makeup.
I wouldnt say it whitens or brightens [what exactly is meant here anyways!] but this gives a subtle glow to face and my skin didnt tan even when I went out on a sunny day, so as a sun protection cream this works good.
The best part for me is the herbal fragrance, it is awesome, it lifts my mood for the day when I prep for office and that is one main reason why I use this daily to office :)

Overall? I like it, this is not a sunscreen-replacement if you are going on a summer vacation to Goa but a good-to-have cream for daily use. 

You can buy this online from:

This was sent to me by Company but this has not affected by review.

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