Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review and Swatches: Lotus Pure Colors Lipstick in shade Peach Creme 691

This is one of my favorite lipsticks, not cos of the color [which I dont care much for] but cos of the quality of the lipstick for the price. I have already reviewed the shade Orchid Kiss here

I love the classy packaging espl since I am no longer in my teens or anywhere near it [sigh!!!], I love that it is a non-animal-tested product and love that it has some nice herbal ingredients.

The only complaint I have regarding the packaging is that I wish it was a bit transparent to show the color.

The lip color is a beautiful brownish red shade. I honestly dont know why they have called it Peach Creme, may be cos it has slight orange undertones, but it is not peachy in shade! Peachy shades are bright and summery. I can say this leans more to a coral shade.

This is a nice shade for all skin tones except for medium fair gto wheatish skin tones. I would also suggest you avoid this shade if your skin tone is uneven, unless you are trying a full coverage makeup.

The shade is very pigmented and on my lips goes very dark-orangey brown. The true color-reddish brown- will be visible on non-pigmented lips I guess.

Overall  this is a nice to have shade in your kitty for a day outing and when you are in a mood for bold lips :)
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