Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inglot Freedom System Lip Color in shade 30 - Leftovers from a Coral Craze!

Once upon a time, there was a crazy gal who refreshed her shopping websites every 30mins to see if new coral lipsticks/glosses were added or not... And in her quest for that perfect coral shade, she found many gems , a few maggots and finally the truth - that she still loved her plum-pink lipsticks the best...
And so she lived happily ever after, buying plum-pink lipsticks every now and then....

But what happened to her coral lip colors? Even in her obsession with her new berry lipsticks, she didnt forget them...and here is the tale of one such color- a nice pretty coral shade that looks scary bright in pan, but is actually a soft sweetie on lips...

 What is in a name? So I am not naming this exact color shade [too hard for me]. This looks bright orangey coral in pan and on the swatch on white paper below, but on skin it shows up as a softer peachy coral shade.

One benefit of this creamy lip color is that its a perfect for using as a lip color and as a blush - in fact, I use this more as a creamy blush. Such a nice shade for summer!

You can apply it sheer or can build the intensity up - Inglot's lip colors are superb in their pigmentation and staying power.

Since I have already reviewed 2 shades from this line, I am not reviewing the entire product. But if you are on a coral quest and is afraid to try some of the bolder shades, you should definitely check this one out.

My review of shade 65
My review of shade 47

What not to buy: SPAResource Pro Series On the Go Face Essentials [A letter]

Dear SPAResource team,

As a recent user [a pretty disappointed one] of your brush-kit, here are my questions to you:

1. If you advertise a brush kit as PRO, then if its not exactly PRO quality, it should at least be something that even an amateur can use daily -right? Or did you mean that this should only be a Take-on-trips-use-if-you-have-nothing-else kit?

2. In your website, you have advertised that this brush kit is all a customer needs for contouring, concealing etc.. and you have also marketed this as a FACE essentials.. well, how come 3 out of 5 brushes are for eyes?

3. Which pro or for that matter an amateur would , in your opinion, like a powder brush that actually scratches the skin, a foundation brush that cannot apply even the lightest of foundation properly [couldn't even apply a moisturizer properly, i tried!]  and a set of eye brushes that really hurts the sensitive eye skin? If I want my face to look so scratched, I'd get a mean kitty, thank you - I don't expect that from my brush set!

This is my request - I appreciate that you have brought out a kit with 5 brushes for $10 and it kinda looks all pretty with nice handles and nice packaging - can you kindly focus of the quality of a brush set that is touted to be pro level instead of the packaging?

And finally this is my suggestion - for $10, give us something similar to the face brushes that E.L.F has for their studio line. Don't worry about quantity and focus -if you say FACE set, don't mix it with eye set.

Hope to see a better version in my local Walmart soon!

[Dear Readers, I didn't think it worthwhile to take individual brush pics as to be quite honest, they are soooooo useless that my only request to you is to use that $10 to buy something else]
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