Thursday, February 20, 2014

My night time cleanser: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

My interest in Korean cosmetics started with BB creams, CC creams and all the reviews in the Blog world that claimed the superiority of Korean makeup & beauty products compared to their Western counterparts.

I was not very sure of testing out the K-beauty products as, to be honest, I am a bit wary when I cannot read the ingredients [no knowledge of Korean]. So after deliberating for sometime I got some K-beauty products and I must say, I am impressed by the few I have used so far.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream [hooo..the name is a mouthful!] caught my eye cos it was supposed to be a 'Naturally Brightening Solution with Rice Water'.  I have no idea what Rice Water is or what it is supposed to do. My grandma used to make a paste of rice flour with honey and used to apply it on my face for brightening effect; I am assuming this cream also has that kinda effect.

This cream retails for around $15 CAD for 200 ml of the product; you can buy this from Cosmetic Love website here

I am not a fan of the tub packaging for hygienic reasons; however this looks kinda pretty and the wide mouth of the tub makes it easy to scoop the product out. The cream is slightly thick, applies very smoothly and has a very old-world kinda scent which I like.

How I use: I use a coffee stirrer to scoop out enough product and massage them lightly all over my face. I find that it cleans better after I wash my face with warm water. On massaging, the cream turns a bit oily, which I think helps with any makeup removal.

I could notice the slight brightening effect; what made me love this cleanser is that it removed makeup very effectively without drying out my face. After cleansing, my skin felt moisturized and very soft. Once I removed my makeup at night, even if I forget to apply my nightly serum, my face doesn't dry out -which is pretty neat considering the harsh winter here.

What I wouldn't suggest: Using this to remove eye makeup. I tried and it did remove makeup, but it hurt a bit when some product accidentally touched my cornea; I think it is the effect of the oil content in this product.

Overall: Loved this product but I may not repurchase the exact product if I find something better :)
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