Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Makeup for $2: Jordana Brow & Eyeshadow Powder Single in Brown

I don't buy eye brow powders because I am a bit too lazy and also I kinda use my eye pencils or eye shadows for brow defining. So I have absolutely no idea why I would have bought this product. But having had this, I must say I like this as a Brow Powder- though I really don't get why Jordana added Eyeshadow part to this.

About the product from Jordana Website:
Brow & Eyeshadow Powder Single

Matte Finish

Intense Pigment

Dual Purpose Brow & Eyeshadow Powders

Made in USA

Available in 6 Shades. Price is $1.99 USD

My Review: 

One of the few genetic goodies I inherited are a pair of decently shaped adequately thick eyebrows, so I can get by even without too much brow plucking and coloring. So, I don't usually worry about brow coloring or shaping, I just get by with my eye pencils. However, I'd heard a lot of bloggers rave about this product so I was curious to see how this would work. 

I must say - I am pleasantly surprised. One major reason why I stay away from stronger brow coloring was that the brow pencil and wax gave a very heavy feel and sometimes triggered my migraine. But this felt super light weight. Funnily enough, this was more easier to apply than a brow pencil and wax, because the application felt way more even and controlled. Of course, you need a brush or a spooly, but this gives a much better defined and natural brows than a brow pencil.

Another funny thing is that the very thing that makes this a good brow powder makes this an average eyeshadow - low to medium pigmentation. This is not too intensely pigmented [as you can see], which makes it ideal for brow coloring but the texture and the pigmentation makes it a very average eyeshadow. I found this very difficult to blend.  This should be used as an eyeshadow if you're going for one of those 1-product looks!

They have some more shades so finding a good match should be easy. Check out my tips on eyebrows here

Overall: For $2, I think this is a good product from Jordana. If you are learning to play with your brows and don't wish to buy a $20 Anastasia product, this could be  good alternative for you.
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