Saturday, July 26, 2014

What Not To Buy: Essence Liquid Eyeliner in Black

There are some products that I really really wished worked as it should - cos though it suckIs in one aspect, it is really good in some other aspect. Does that happen to you?

Introducing to you - Essence Liquid Eyeliner, with innovative 'flock' applicator [no idea what that means!]
If you check reviews on the blog world, this has got some golden reviews. 

Price is $2.99 USD and you can check it out here - From Ulta

What I Like..

Check that conical cap - Like it? I do. 
I find this has a nice packaging like most other Essence products. 
I could find only 1 shade -black- in my local Shoppers Drug Mart. 

The foam or sponge tip applicator is very soft on lids. 
The color applies smoothly and without any kind of tugging.

This has a Jet Black color - I so love it. 
Sometimes when you get a liquid eyeliner, its all greyish black...but not this one!
It stays for a good 4-5 hours without any creasing. 
It sets pretty fast too and is fairly smudge proof.
I won't say its water proof, but it doesn't fall apart on 1st contact with water

What I don't like..

Funnily enough, I don't like it because of its 'innovative' flock applicator. 
Now, if you love this, if you can get a hand on how to use this - good for you.

Trying out the liner from different angles - I promise, I was not trying to make a thick line, this is just the way it went on!

I can too - cos I have been applying liquid eyeliners with all sorts of wands, from the time  I was 13.
But for someone new to liquid eyeliners, or someone looking for easy application - I wouldn't really recommend this at all.

Check how the applicator applies the color - especially towards the end of the line...

Reason is - the sponge tip is conical in outline and the tip is a bit too flexible.
So what happens is, if you're not very careful or very experienced, instead of a precise line for that Cat's Eye look, you'll get thicker weirder shaped lines.

While, you can always argue about the learning curve and all that, I'd say go ahead and get the  ELF Liquid Liner [Review here] - its easier to apply and a lil bit easier on the pocket too!

Overall: For the $2.99 price tag, this one won't break your pocket. But if you're a novice to eyeliners and is planning to get something to test it, I wouldn't suggest this one for sure!
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