Friday, June 20, 2014

What Not To Buy [sigh]: Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in 001 India Intrigue

NOTE: This Review is only meant for this particular shade and not for the entire range

I never thought I would be including this beauty in the What Not To Buy's section, when I eagerly grabbed it from the local Rexall display. But well... sigh...

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain is the newest Lip product release from Revlon. You cannot find it in Revlon's own websites, which are notoriously slow in catching up with the product releases [Come on, Revlon, time to pick up some tech speed!].

You can find the details about the product in the listing here from Walgreens. 
Price was around $12.99 CAD when I picked it up. 
I didnt see this yet in the local Shoppers, so cant really comment which is the best place to buy this. 

My Experience:

Let me 1st gush about the positive aspects first. 
Look at that sleek square packaging. 
Revlon seems to be finally releasing some prettily packaged lippies, the one before this being the Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balms with the snazzy lipcolor-ed casings.
I really adore the packaging - it is very similar to the YSL Glossy Stains, for which these are touted to be a possible dupe, at least in terms of packaging. 
Also appreciated is the fact that the packaging is not bulky or flimsy.
Good marks for that!

Next thing I love - the soft V shaped wands. They just glide. Its also very easy to get a precise application with this wand. 
I wish I could just buy the wand seperate to use with my other lip glosses.

Last thing I love - the color and the pigmentation. 
India Intrigue is a cool toned very wearable fushcia-ish pink. 
There are some gold shimmers in it which are hardly visible.
Pigmentation is pretty good, you can easily get medium coverage in one swipe. 

Look at that patchy swipe!
Now to the hard part - why I feel that this is not something you should spend your bucks on...
To start with - look at the patchy swatch. That kinda explains it all. 
The application is so patchy that it is very very hard to get a decent finish. 

This product is something like a cross between a lip gloss, liquid lipstick and a custard. 
While the feel is not uncomfortable, it is not very good either - I felt that this was a tad bit heavy on lips.

One swipe of the product on lips -I don't think the pic catches how patchy it looks!

There was no stickiness even though the glossy finish stayed for a good hour and a bit more.
The product never actually sets or dries, which means that any time you rub your lips together, the application goes all wonky again

The patchiness is so apparent that I find it impossible to wear this alone.
I wear this along with a semi sheer lip gloss or I wear a tinted lip balm like Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie underneath this one. 

I don't know if its just a problem with this shade alone - I have seen reviews where people have complained about this particular shade. 
So may be I picked the odd one out of the bunch.

The part is find weirdest is that this is supposed to be a stain - which it really doesn't do much. 
I could find slight tint but that doesn't qualify this to be called as a Stain!

As for other factors,
  • Scent - no harsh fragrance
  • Taste - Nah
  • Drying - Funnily enough, I felt a drying sensation around the lip edges but nowhere else!
  • Irritation - None

 Overall: In spite of the interesting name [which is one reason why I picked it!] India Intrigue is not a shade I would recommend to anyone.

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