Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review and Swatches: Jordana 7" lip liner in shade Spice

I must admit that while I love lipsticks and moderately care for lip glosses, lip liners are something I usually ignore.
I have a bare minimum of 3 basic colors in my cache: a nude, a coral peachy shade[this one I am reviewing] and a brown
My reluctance to use lip liners is basically because my lips are thin and its hard to correctly define them, espl while running to office.
So it’s basically “lipbalm+lipstick+gloss” combo for me usually.

I got this from Coollifeshop.com when the prices were much lesser [I don’t know why but the product prices seemed to have increased in their website for Jordana].
I got this one for around 80 INR but now the price is 100+.

What coollifeshop says about the product?
·         The Foolproof Way to Line Lips
·         Easy Application
·         Prevents Color from Bleeding Beyond the Lip Line
·         Excellent Quality, Great Value
7" Lip Liner Pencil by Jordana emphasize the shape of your lips. It is the perfect tool for re-shaping lips or just even out size or fullness. This beautifully precise lip liner stays on for quite some time and prevents lipstick from bleeding.
Jordana’s 7" Lip Line Pencil comes in various shades. You can match these with your lipstick to give a perfect look to your lips. This slim pencil is easy to use & gives a natural, timeless look to your lips. It is available in .12oz/3.4g.
Best Suitable For:
All types of lips
Tips & Tricks:
Draw the lip liner along the natural line of the lips. Start from the middle to the outer edges. If you want your lips to look small, draw the line slightly inside the natural curve of the lip. If you want your smaller lips look bigger, draw the line just outside of the natural lip at the outer corners. Don’t forget to blend it well.

The website stocked only 3 colors [Mahogany, Spice and Natural ] , I would have loved to try the shades Toast and petal.
I got natural and spice and I love spice the better. Natural is more of a flesh toned color that washes out my complexion usually.

Jordana is a nice and cheap brand and I have tried their lipsticks and blushes as well.
I have a love-hate relationship with lipsticks [gorgeous color& stay, horrible feel & finish: read my review in IMBB here ]
I love their blushes and is waiting for a good offer to buy some more interesting shades.

Jordana 7” lipliner is made I guess with makeup artists or beauticians in mind, for who else will even finish using half of it in a time span of 2 years!
Unlike the shade Natural, Spice is soft and creamier and feels good & easy to apply.

It is a very bright color, which I tried using as an overall color, but didn’t work very well.

I usually pair it with coral pink or peach shades and this one surprisingly is a good day-time blusher as well.. J
Shocked? No really, I tried this on my cheeks once and after blending properly, this worked well as a creamy matte blusher for a very peachy tint.

As for the staying power, it’s around 2-3 hours but the problem is because its too long, its difficult to carry around.
It doesn’t have any strong fragrance or taste and doesn’t have any skin irritations.
I guess it will be hardly 6” by the time I throw this away L
Wish companies would come up with compact sized products!

Overall, I would say this is a good product for lip-liner-beginners like me who is learning on using this J
Wish coollifeshop would add more shades soon.

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