Thursday, March 08, 2012

Review and Swatches: Streetwear Color Rich lipstick in shade Creamy Brown

Streetwear is Revlon's answer to Loreal's Maybelline and Lakme's Elle 18. The lipsticks, especially the Color Rich range, is affordable for 140 INR & easily available, and in my opinion, a good way to try out what shades suit you best.

I got this one as I didnt have much browns in my stash and wanted to see how shades of brown looks on my complexion. Not many shades flatter me as some shades manage to make me look very sallow. However, this was a good buy for me even though I got this online without trying it out before.

I had already reviewed Streetwear's range in shade Cherry Slush here:

This is a very creamy variety and glides on very easily. I like the nude brownish shade that is very good for daily/office wears. This is a nice shade that IMHO should suit most skin tones.

The only fault I could find with this special shade is that being too creamy, it melts like crazy!
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