Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Caribbean Collection Blush in shade Aruba

I got this beauty from a friend in UK and the first thing that came to my mind when I swatched it is - Darn, why dont we have brands like this in India and why dont brands like these ship economically to India!!!
I love this blush- that is the summary.. :)

Now for the details - Sleek is a UK based brand and this blush was part of their LE, so it is not available now in their website. A good alternative seems to be their Blush By Three shade in Pumpkin - I dont have this, so cant really commit.

This color is a bold in-your-face orange and I just absolutely love it! :) I have not seen such a bold shade for blushers anywhere else and if my friend hadnt gifted me this, I am not sure I would have got as this looks a bit intimidating to try.

The blush is superbly pigmented[the above pic shows color from a single swipe] and blends beautifully. As with any bold color, I apply this by layering and blending and layering again till I get the color effect I hope for. I admit that this is not a shade for everyone- this shade suits the darker skin toned ladies [wooohooooo! :)] The fairer your skin tone, the sheerer your application must be.

This is a blush strictly for Summer/Day/Beach/Outdoor wear. It is matte, so I wouldnt suggest this for a party-kinda application.Overall, I love this blush and I am planning to get some more from Sleek at the next chance.

Review: Gokul Sandiva Face Powder

I find it easier to review a product by matching what the maker claims as opposed what is actually the result - if a product doesnt claim to be long-stay, why rate it bad for staying power! So, I will make my review short and sweet [not very!] for this product.

Gokul is a South Indian brand that is famous for its talc powder; I remember my aunt using it on her face religiously after a bath. I have fond memories of this brand, so when I was in a retail store in Chennai and found this product, I was much intrigued and didnt hesitate to buy this. For around 100 bucks, it was not a costly experiment and I felt that any foray into makeup world by Indian brands should be encouraged....

This is what the product claims [from medplusbeauty website] :
Gokul Sandiva Sandalwood face powder is a natural make up made from pure sandalwood, saffron, rose extracts, sandal oil and natural minerals. This therapeutic blend works all day to give you a clear, glowing complexion. The natural fragrance of sandalwood enhances your mood and keeps you feeling fresh all day.
The words like Sandal, natural makeup, saffron etc got me real excited and I kinda hoped for a mineral-makeup effect from this powder. So much for my great expectations. Let me start by comparing what they say against what I got:
1.   natural make up made from pure sandalwood, saffron, rose extracts, sandal oil and natural minerals - Makeup? Not at all... Makeup is something that is something to be a layer on your face, giving an effect... so sandal-colored-talc-powder :- not really makeup at all. Again for a product that claims to be completely natural, I would have expected a complete listing of ingredients - not so!
2.  clear, glowing complexion - Again, no! How do they expect a talc powder to provide clear glowing complexion??? On layering the product, I got a whitish cast -  that is not glowing complexion! 
3. Sandal fragrance - yeah, got that right!
The packaging is nice, with a gold color lid, but the product fall out is very high. The texture of this powder is very rough, it actually felt harsh on my skin. It doesnt apply well, it is not a makeup product- its not even a good talc! The only use I derive from this product, is as a setting powder if I dont find anything else to do the job!  
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