Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review and Swatches: Coloressence Satin Smooth Highlighter Blusher in shade Amber Peach 10

This time I am reviewing a blusher from Coloressence. I am not much of a blush addict as I dress in a hurry always to office [blame my laziness to wake up in morning :( ] and usually only have time to apply some face powder and lipstick.

I got these from on a sale. They looked like a great peachy shade and for the sale price, it looked like a steal.

Nature's Essence and their makeup line Coloressence are new players [relatively!] in the market and they have some nice pocket friendly products. I have reviewed their lipsticks previously [ Check em here ]

In the packaging it is mentioned as a satin smooth "highlighter"! I always thought highlighters and blushers were different products...These dont come with a brush, but that is fine with me as the brushes usually packed with blushes are good only for emergency travel.

The color is a matte brick-peach color that gives a sun-touched hint to cheeks. Very summer, very daytime color. I love it. The blusher packaging is the boring screw-lid one but it has the benefit of being sturdy.

The problem with these kinda packaging is it screams  "cheapoooo" and its not something you wanna take out of your vanity bag on a night out. I wish cosmetic companies would recognize that black is good only when the packaging is super classy or else if your brand is that cool. A colorful or even a single bright color packaging would certainly lift the tone of the product.

The downside for me is the lack of ingredients. I always like to see the list, be it so scary. The blusher swatches beautifully and doesnt have any shimmer which again I like. :)

The blusher blends very smoothly, doesnt feel very bad and if applied properly [with bright colors, one must be super light handed] looks very good.

Why wait? Go for this shade.. :)

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