Thursday, September 25, 2014

Joe Fresh Lip Tint in Crush/Orange

I'd already reviewed Joe Fresh's lip tint here in shade Berry .

Crush is a true orange shade - very much like a concentrated orange soda drink!
The difference I found between the darker Berry shade and this shade in Orange, is the level of pigmentation.

 Not that this one doesnt does.. but it ends up looking like I was sipping on an orange ice lolly for too long.. not very sophisticated right?
I guess, if you have non-pigmented lips that lean more to white, then this would show up better  and will look more coral-orange. 

But on pigmented lips like mine, this gives an 'ice-lolly' effect - which makes this one, not a very desirable buy for me...

OVERALL: I like the product, but I am not sure if I will ever buy the same color again!
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