Monday, March 09, 2015

Mano A Mano: Essence Extra Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen Vs Gosh Intense Eyeliner Pen

We Indians have traditionally got one element of makeup right - eyeliner/kajal/kohl. Two generation back, ladies made their own kohl from blackened oil/ghee and herbs. I will make a video sometimes on that, cos that is just awesome and if I'd enough time, I'd go for it any day over anything bought from store.

Anyways, this is just straight up fight between 1 drugstore and 1 slightly more expensive one.
I'd mentioned in my previous  post that I am going to cut down the "blah blah"s in my post.
Keepin it short & sweet....

And the winner is: _____________

Essence eyeliner is: Cheap, easy to use but black is not really blacky black and the tip is weirdly wobbly making precision a tough thing. Best used - with darker smoky eyes, when you can get away with a less precise line

Gosh eyeliner is: More expensive and slightly more difficult to find, easier to draw a thinner line, more intense black than Essence, but somehow it is hard to get that precise application.

For all I know, it may be that I'm handicapped in drawing precise lines with felt tip liners. But I do get nice lines with some liquid liners, so I like to think this is not my fault! :)

Notice the thick tip - it is not firm but wobbly in a weird way. Not the blackest black either.

Getting a precise line with this one - so far no luck!

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