Sunday, May 18, 2014

What Not To Buy: The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer

Sometimes you see a product and you wonder -why does a reputed brand come up with a product that cancels out the very purpose it was made for! This concealer from TBS is an excellent example of a good product concept being ruined by thoughtless marketing.

You can check this product here They have 2 shades -light & medium; the price is around $10 CAD but TBS has some sale or other, so if you really want to buy this product, I suggest waiting for a sale.

What this concealer is about:

Part of their Tea Tree range, this concealer is supposed to help with blemishes and breakouts. The SA at the store from where I got this, mentioned that this is excellent for the huge zit I was sporting at the time. She kinda enticed me by saying -"Think about it - something that destroys that zit while concealing at the same time -awesome right?" 
This is a low-to-medium coverage concealer. I guess thats why TBS only brought out only 2 shades, cos you can easily blend it in. The scent is vaguely tea-tree-ish but not very pleasant. It applies okay, blends okay and has a e lasting power of 3-4hours.

Why I won't buy this again:

I used this when I'd a huge zit on my face. Funny part was because this is such a low-medium coverage concealer, it didn't help much with concealing. Layering didn't help much as the color was a bit ashy for my skin tone. I honestly couldn't see any difference in the zit because I used this concealer. In fact, in all the times I have used this, I have never seen it do anything great for skin.

But this is not the reason why this product sucks in my opinion. If you're a person with blemishes and acne spots etc on your face, would you prefer to use a face product in a tube form or a stick form? I would always prefer something in tube, where the product doesn't touch the skin from the container. 

This is especially important for a product marketed to be used for some specific skin conditions. Imagine some company bringing out an eye drops where the dropper has to touch your eyes to work!!! How hygienic would you consider such a product to be!

Since this doesn't work any miracles as a skincare product, I classify this as a suitable-for-acne-skin-concealer. However, from a concealer,  I would expect -coverage, lasting power and blend-ability. This one fails 2 out of 3.

Overall: If TBS had put this in a tube, marketed it as a sensitive-skin-safe concealer and added some more shades , I wouldn't mind picking it up cos it blends well and it doesn't feel bad on skin.

TBS had a good idea when they tried to bring out a makeup + skincare product - a good idea, just look how popular lip butters, bb creams have become- but in my opinion, they failed in execution. Some how I feel its safer and better to keep skin care and makeup in their separate lives.
Next time I have a huge zit [god forbid] I am going to use proper skin care and safe makeup instead of trying to find something that does both.
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