Thursday, November 03, 2011

Review: Khadi Vit E Hair Cleanser Soap bar

This was an impulse buy and unlike my other impulse buys, I dont regret this at all!!
It has the most lovely scent that a hair cleanser can provide or so my husband claims.. :)

The ingredient list is not that clear but I am not bothered as this is a Khadi product. Now as a pure cleanser, this doesnt work that well cause it makes even my inherently oily hair rough and frizzy. 

I use this after my hair cleansing. I just rub it briefly over hair to get a mild lather and then wash it off.
Always remember to condition if you are using this, else you are going to curse this all the way.
An alternative is to use a mild hair potion like silk and shine which is non-fragrant.

The cost is INR 55 and it lasts for a long time also. This is a nice product if used as a "perfume for hair".. :)

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