Sunday, February 16, 2014

A perfect waste of money.. Review and Swatches: Chambor White UV Protector

I wasted around 600INR for this dud of a product. As per the SA [may her lying soul not rest in peace], this was supposed to be a great tinted moisturizer that will brighten up skin in 5mins and had the added bonus of SPF 29..Why 29???? No rounding off??

This did nothing...absolutely nothing... no brightening, no moisturizing and when I went out in the hot April sun of Chennai, within an hour I turned 2-3 shades darker! Above all, it had a freakish whitish cast, so I couldn't even try to use it as a primer - did Chambor think that people wanted to dress up like cheap Dracula's bride?

And for a company that charges kinda high for their products, the packaging is weirdly cheap and has no information on the company, the ingredients or anything.

Nothing more to add - Just check the pics below.

Product of Japan -so whats the role of GENEVA ??????

Look at that whitish cast!!!!

Tips and Tricks: How to stop your nails from getting bitten!

This might be more of a post for kids or teens, but for me this is a real concern and if there are any other ladies out there who suffer from the same "I-cant-just-stop-biting-my-nails" malady, I hope this strikes a chord with you.

Okay, I am an adult, I like dressing up, I love nail polishes, I adore manicured polished nails and yet... I cant just stop biting the lil ones, when I am stressed :( I know there might be several psychological reasons, but hey, I am not here to talk about that but about how this naughty habit can be controlled. Since this is an article based on purely personal experience, you  can tell me if its nonsense or let me know if you like it :)

1. Keep your Friends and Family in the loop: Nothing works better than a friend who smacks your head when you start chewing on your nails or a husband who says "yewwww..stop that", so keep em in the loop and that sure controls the biting part a lot!

2. Keep your nails hidden: The idea is to keep your nails tucked away from the reach of those vicious teeth. I do it by wrapping my nails with an adhesive plastic or with a glove, removing both only if necessary.

3. Shame yourself and your nails: Here, you shame your bitten nails and yourself by applying a bold nail color over the misshapen bits of nails, walking around with it and getting stared at by people. Your beauty conscious self cringes at the sight of your half bitten nails and next time, your teeth goes near it, your inner beauty angel will kick hard!

4. Identify the bite timings: This requires effort, think and try to remember when you bite your nails. Is it when you think about seeing your cranky boss, or meeting your crazy mama-in-law? Once you identify, tag the memory and next time you start even remotely thinking about it, keep in your hands away from your face and in your pocket!

5. Un-taste your hands: Cover your hands with hand and nail creams so easily available, and soooo not tasty. Keep doing it especially when you are idle. The chemical taste is a sure turn off :)

6. Tempt Yourself: Buy some expensive and/or irresistible nail polishes which would tempt you enough to ring those warning bells when you start chewing your nails.

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Another MIA Brand.. Review and Swatches: Womsee Liquid Lip color in shade Grecian Rose

Ayur Herbals had launched their color cosmetics brand - Womsee sometime before and used to carry this line. I was intrigued by the Liquid Lip color line and got this shade from them.

This is pretty similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams - similar consistency and color payoff. NYX lasts longer than this one though. I liked this purplish pink shade.

For INR 150, this was a nice product but unfortunately I cant find this brand being sold anywhere. Hope we will have more pocket friendly and non-animal-testing brands in Indian markets soon.

To say or not to say? Review: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Skin Illuminating Primer

This is a product I am in two minds about - sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. Let me explain more..

Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer is my 4th attempt at finding a primer that works like one. I tried a sample of MAC prep + prime and I surprised myself by not liking it - weird huh? It felt like I am applying some kinda gooky stuff on my face and I didn't like the feel at all. And then there were some others..

I'd read some good reviews and some so-so's - for the price I thought 'Leme check this one out'... Now here is the deal - this works with some foundations, sometimes this feels good on skin and some other times, it just irritates the hell outta me. I can't find out exactly why and how this happens - a primer that behaves like a kid!!

With my Revlon Colorstay this behaves like a nice one - no worries, stays quiet for a long time and feels good to have around. With my Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals liquid foundation, this one behaves like a kid denied of a favorite icecream - all flaky and no reasoning with it all. And then some days, it sits well on my skin, some days it feels like slime... a tough one to figure out.

Overall - would I recommend it? Nooo.. Would I ask you to run away from it? Nooo.. Do you wish to try a low cost primer and do you have dry skin? May be this one will work for you- All the best!
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