Thursday, February 27, 2014

WARNING!! Stay Away from Sally Hansen Insta Smooth Pods Creme Hair Remover, if you value your skin and looks!

I don't any pictures to show you here. I didn't take my pics during the time of my suffering because to be honest, I never want to see my face looking like that ever again.

2013 April: 

I had just joined for my makeup artist class and was superbly excited about it. I was busy planning my wardrobe and lipsticks, when my husband suggested that I clean up my upper lips as my 'moustache' was showing a bit. That day, when I visited a local drugstore, I noticed these Sally Hansen Insta Pods and bought it for the hair removal. I do all my hair removals at night as the skin is pretty sensitive and I didn't want to irritate it in sunlight.

Immediately after application, I noticed that my skin was hurting a lot; I couldn't take it after 2 mins so I removed it. My skin was an angry red and I immediately applied aloe vera to cool it down. I hoped by morning it will be all okay. The next day when I woke up, I took one look at my husband's horrified face and then rushed to check the mirror.

I almost wept - the area around my mouth, nose and chin was dotted with burn wounds. I remembered once seeing a lady who suffered from oil wounds on her face- my face looked pretty similar. The next day I was supposed to join my course and I almost signed off as I didn't want to look so bad when I am going to a makeup artist class!!

However I did go and I am happy I did because the course was great. Though none of my classmates said anything about my scary looks, I couldn't try any of the makeup tricks on my face and instead of all the glam looks I planned for my course, I looked recently hospitalized with all the band-aids over my face.

My skin is not sensitive. I have normal to oily skin and I use a variety of products. In fact, it is rare that I use the same products everyday for a week. I have used Veet's hair removal cream without any negative effects.

I can only imagine what would be the effect of this cream on a sensitive face. I dont know what kind of harsh chemicals went into this product that within 2 mins it clean burnt my face!

My advise is stay away from such cream products for face. Try either waxing or any other method of hair removal.


  1. thats so bad Devi... I pity you.. poor you.. how bad you might have suffered :(

  2. It was super bad..especially the feeling of walking into a makeup artistry class where everyone looks so perfect and me looking like Halloween character!!!

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